Audio 16 Oct

Slug and Beyond - KFAI Freestyle 1/18/97

I taped this directly off the radio program, “Strictly Butter,” which I listened to every Saturday night on KFAI.  This is back when Musab was Beyond, and Slug was still with Spawn in Atmosphere.  I usually hate listening to [real] freestyles, especially long ones, but the hunger in their voices is just undeniable, and so good.

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Kool Keith - Blue Flowers X 2 Live in SF

This is the cut that launched a million awful songs and a million amazing songs too.  Really a cultural moment.  And here is Keith performing it twice—once, and then the remix—in SF.  Ice-T also performed with Kool Keith at this show, but I think that’s Kutmasta Kurt on the adlibs.

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Audio 6 Sep 2 notes

Eminem - WJLB promo

I thought everything Em ever touched had found its way to the web, but I haven’t been able to find it so far.  Interestingly, I got this on a tape with tracks from Aesop Rock’s ‘Music for Earthworms’ on one side and the ORIGINAL promo version of ‘The Slim Shady LP’—the one mixed before they made the drums tinny and crappy—on the other.  I love the line about “mispronouncing my name like EE-MINE-M.”  better times.

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Audio 29 Aug

Common in the Studio.  Anyone know what this is from?

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Audio 29 Aug

Freestyle Fellowship a capella at Good Life.

Love how Aceyalone catches the Gloria Estefan cadence.

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Audio 29 Aug

The legendary Indelible MCs live at Wetlands, then broadcast on WKCR.  Also is interrupted by a humorous blues promo by Lord Sear.  We miss you J-Treds.

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Audio 29 Aug

Z-Man and Luke Sick - Wedding Rehearsal.

Anyone who knows me knows that Luke Sick is one of my favorite MCs of all time.  Z-Man kills on this too.  Tell me this isn’t out of place in the Lil B/SpaceGhostPurrp/A$AP sound of today.

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Text 28 Aug Introduction

These are dubs I acquired mostly in the 90s from trading tapes with a committed group of rap fans around the internet.  I’m going to try to post stuff that I don’t see anywhere else on the net.  After I run out of that stuff, I’ll just post stuff that I think people should hear.  Apologies for any inadequate sound quality.  If you are an artist who would like music taken down from this site, just let me know.  Thanks.

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